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Gone Fishin’

Boy, am I embarrassed!  According to a number of recently received emails, I forgot to hang up my Gone Fishin’ sign back in January when I started the business end of publishing The Last Supper Catering Company.   I’ve been so busy with copy edits, glitches in systems, researching ISBNs, Bar Codes (much different from what I remember from my youth), book cover art, POD companies, endorsements, advertising niches, and royalty options, I’ve neglected reporting what’s happening here in Coupeville.   Looks like I’ll be gone a while longer, but when  I get back from New York (yes, I’m leaving my bucolic woods to see my favorite of all my children), I promise to fill you in on everything you’ve missed.  Mussel Fest, the difference between a green hoochie and a coho killer, my latest rock project, the progress of Subirdbia, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll tell you about the surprise visit from (drum roll) the Sow Bug Family Circus.  I know!   I’ve missed them, too.  God, the kids have grown so much.

Hey, while I’m gone, you should go fishin’ too.  I’ll meet you back here some time in May.


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