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Double Your Pleasure!

Boy, this trying to be in too many places at the same time is givin’ me a serious headache!   I’ve been busy this morning over at my website and posted a new entry on my blog that I think you’ll enjoy.  To get there, just click on: Funky Gums and, like magic, you will be transported to the post.  See you back here soon!


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It’s hard to tell, what with the sun singing everyday for the last three weeks, the temperature hovering in the mid 70’s, and the blackberry vines still bursting with goodness, but in the early morning hours I can hear autumn knocking at the door.  And that means it’s time for one last mowing fest before putting the power equipment away for the winter.  I hear some of you crying out, “Yeehaw!”  Oh, my sweet, naive readers, it is now  that the real work begins.  According to all my weather sources, including my joints, an extreme winter is headed our way…and possibly yours, I might add.  I hope you’re as ready as I am, because, as you know, if you’ve been riding along with me the last couple of winters here at Greetings from Coupeville, winter is my extreme challenge since I don’t drive in the snow.  For my new readers, please don’t mistake my “don’t” for a “won’t”; rather, a “can’t.”  My followers  have seen the photos of my feeble attempts and the awkward angle of the car teetering on the brink of lying down on its side for a long winter’s nap and waiting for the thaw.  And that was just in the driveway…in six inches of snow.   Last winter my little town had close to a foot of snow dumped within two days – that’s very unusual, or so the locals keep telling me, but they seem to change their story ever year. Now,  I live on a private road, which means the road crews don’t plow the quarter of a mile it takes to get to my home.  And that leaves me somewhat isolated. Oh, I can hear you Vermont and Maine types snickering as you snowshoe your way from the backwoods through twelve foot drifts with that Patagonia pack on your back, your Chapstick  slick lips pulled back over your too bright white smiles. Well, my Patagonia, Julbo Bivouak Photochromic Glacier Sunglasses lovers, because I have settled into the most amazing little town with the kindest folks, it means people bring me homemade soup, baked goodies, bottles of wine to mull and sit with me to share the latest news from Coupeville.  All that white stuff means I get to curl up for days at a time with good books to go with hot chocolate.  So, I say bring on the extreme winter because when you live in a town with friends as warmhearted as those I’ve made, you’ll never be left out in the cold.  Right?  Anybody in town reading this?  Hello?

Oh, one more thing before I go.  My new website: http://www.michaelenemcelroy.com is up and running.  You might want to stop in over there and check out my Blog posts.  You never know, your name might just show up over there.

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