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I ran into Rick down at the coffee shop last week.  We got to jawin’ (Rick’s from Texas) about the coming winter, wood, and his lack thereof.  Next thing I knew, Rick and I were back at 48 QTL surveying some of my questionable trees, deciding whether or not they’d make it through another winter without coming to rest on my roof, deck, or me.   We picked out several trees close to the house that posed a threat if whipped around by those blustery 60 mph winds that will be coming our way.  Today I took a few photos of Rick doing something which I would compare to bungee jumping, riding a mega roller coaster, driving across a bridge, or living in a metropolitan area.  He climbed his way to the top of the tree with a chain saw strapped to his tool belt, lopping off limbs as he made his ascent.   As impressed as I was with his ability to shinny up that tree with a chain saw and drop that tree piece-by-piece, I’ll admit, I was more impressed with all his gear: strap on spikey things for his boots, a harness attached to a this-is-a-really-serious-job tool belt, knee pads, ropes with clips, a baseball cap that said I’ve done this before, and some kind of goop that he put on his face before he started to climb.  With all the possibilities to ponder, this is the one thought that moved to the front of my warped brain’s file drawer:  Why don’t I know about the goop?  Should I be wearing goop, too, when I’m out in the woods?  Where do I buy the goop?  Is there different goop for different outdoor jobs?  Seriously, someone may need to plan an intervention.

And then Rick arrived at the top of the tree.  Unfortunately, I was still thinking about the goop and didn’t get a picture until he had climbed down some.  But when he was at the top, I swear on my favorite of all my children, the tree was swaying back and forth.  This was so beyond bungee jumping and driving across a bridge (but I’m still not doing either) that I called up, “I don’t know how you do that.”  This is what Rick called down in his mild-mannered, Texas-Zen way: “You do what you have to do.”

It’s almost 6:00 p.m. and I can still hear Rick’s chain saw doing what it is he has to do.  I know what I have to do – find out where I can get some of that goop because I’m pretty sure it’s all about the goop!

While I was out on the deck taking pictures of tree-climbin’ Rick, I saw this bit of nature and had to share it with you.  If you double-click on the photo you’ll see the close up smack down results of spider vs. moth.  Moth-Zip.


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What can I say?  I’m as proud as can be and just had to show you my twins!  I caught sight of one of them a few weeks ago when we met up coming toward each other along my path, but had no idea there was a lookalike tucked away in the woods.   Here, they’re enjoying dandelions.  Pretty soon their spots will be gone and they’ll enter the teenage years where whatever I say will go in one ear and out the other.  Then Terence will go on to rut with some floozy and Tina will fall for the first buck with the biggest rack.  They’ll move on and they won’t write or call.

God, I really need to go into town more often.

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My last post chronicled my attempt at cleaning my too-high-for-a-vertically-challenged-slightly-older-woman-who-should-have-known-better-in-the-first-place gutters.   But it was all worth it, because Bob K. down there in Florida sent this comment to Greetings From Coupeville.

“This has been a very entertaining story that I have heard several times before but not quite so eloquently! It sure seems like it would be a good solution to cleaning gutters; however, the thought of all that gunk and muck being blown all over the roof, me, and my wife’s flowers sure sounds like something I truly want to avoid. And, that’s why I kept searching for a better way and finally invented and patented the Gutter Clutter Buster, an attachment tool for your wet/dry vac that VACUUMS GUNK OUT and leaves the gutters as clean as a whistle. I don’t have any muck on me and my wife no longer screams at me for messing up her flower beds. I invite you to check out our invention and then you decide which way you want to “save money, time, and energy” the next time you attempt cleaning gutters at https://www.GutterClutterBuster.com My wife says you should write for SNL!!!

Well, don’t you know I just had to visit Bob K’s Gutter Clutter Buster website and lo and behold there was a picture of a lovely woman (perhaps Mrs. K.?) bustin’ up the clutter in her gutter with a cheerful smile on her face and nary a hint of debris in her nicely coiffed hairdo.  Now that’s the kind of advertising that suckers us three-in-the-morning-could-it-be-my-hormones-keeping-me-awake types to pad our way through the dark  looking for our credit card.  Wait!  I’ve fallen for this type of advertisement before and ended up with flying parts spiraling off my deck like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

So, here’s the deal Bob K. down there in Florida.  If  you’re up for it, I’ll test your Gutter Clutter Buster and if it lives up to your claim, I’ll promote it here on my blog.  Now, here’s the catch Bob K. down there in Florida…we’re gonna have to do this in a here’s-a-freebie-Gutter-Clutter-Buster-for-you-to-try-kind-of-way.  You see my gutter cleaning budget was wiped out by the will-not-mention-the-product-but-you-can-see-the-photo-in-my-last-post gadget.  Oh, one other minute detail, Bob K. down there in Florida, I don’t own a wet/dry vac so  you’d probably want to send one of those along with the Gutter Clutter Buster.  And remember, Bob K., I  don’t live down there in sunny Florida, I live in the great Pacific Northwest where it’s damp a great deal of the time, and that has a tendency to cause “clumps” of debris, or perhaps it’s left over parts of critters who didn’t make it through the winter, to form in my gutters.  I hope the Gutter Clutter Buster you have patented has a wide mouth to accommodate the above-mentioned items.

Bob K., whether or not you decide to participate in my search for the best gutter cleaning equipment, I want to thank you for taking the time to write to me.    And on a side note to Mrs. K – Why thank you for saying I should write for SNL.  I’m assuming that’s Saturday Night Live (which started up several months after I left working for NBC there at 30 Rock, NYC); and not Snooze ‘N Lose – a twice daily publication for hyperactive people looking for validation.

My summer project is bird houses.  I’m making them without gutters.

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