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After my last post, I found the mascot for the Federation of  Ample Bodied  Zucchini (FABZ) sitting on my front porch bench with a note attached that read, “Honey, are you implying – publicly – that 32 lbs. for a zucchini is too large??”  Before the letters start pouring in, let me say this: I applaud the ability of the zucchini to manifest itself from seed-to-blossom-to-feed-a-small-country-size in less than 48 hours.  Now, in making the case for ample bodied zucchini, I’m sure DZ didn’t mean to eradicate my barn swallows (mug shot identification took place down at Local Grown after my last post), but once she placed this satin beauty next to the SubBirdbia condo, the surly swallows disappeared.  To be honest, I kind of miss their tenacity.

So much has been going on since I last wrote…isn’t it always?  On the wildlife front – the fawns from last year are now teenagers and have moved away from home.  Don’t fret, they’ve only moved as far as the other side of the property where I  keep seeing them munching on clover right off the porch to the house (see teenage deer butt below), but without mom. 

I’ve been worried about mom, wondering if some ill-fate had befallen her when, lo and behold, as I was pouring rocks today (I know you want to be me), I looked up to see her walking across the property with her new baby.  I couldn’t help but think of mothers everywhere and what a grand scheme nature has in mind, at least for wildlife, in this case – deer.  It was just last year that the twins were following her around, but when the new babe arrived, the teens were booted out of the den.  Just like two legged teenagers on summer vacation, I find them at the back of the property eating and lazing in the sun.  Oh, that’s another thing:  the weather has been Whidbey Island summer gorgeous.  Sunshine, 70 degrees, a slight breeze coming down through the trees to cool me off as I continue my labor of love.   But don’t think I didn’t set down my labor of love hoe and strip off my gloves and goggles to attend:

I’ve seen Jane’s jewelry so I wasn’t about to miss the chance to choose my favorites.  Oh, wait, there’s a game attached to it?  You mean we have to draw numbers and someone else may get that silver pair of earrings I’ve been coveting for three years now?   Michael outdid himself with an array of appetizers to soothe the savage jewelry beasts roaming their house and pawing at the jewelry-laden table.  And Jane, I mean, what can I say?  Jane bestowed upon us her jewelry and the story behind each piece, and wrapped it all  in a great time filled with laughter, and the ding of  that darn timer.

Oh, and there was the Lion’s Annual Garage Sale, the Strawberry Social, I’m sure there was a parade or two since I last wrote to tell you about, but I’ve gotta run.  There’s still hours of daylight and that means more time to hoe.  And you know what?  I’m going to look fabulous while I’m hoein!  Why, you ask?  Because I’m wearing Jane’s silver earrings.  Ding!




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