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This morning, as I was coming down the stairs, my old tired bones clicking like castanets, I said to myself, “Michaelene, it’s time.”  I hate it when myself leaves me dangling  like a badly placed participle to wonder what it’s time for.  But when I looked outside and saw the sun streaming through the woods, I knew what it was time for: it was time to do a little hoein’!  Time to unshackle myself from the chains of the social media marketing world and get back to the land.  Time to get back to raking  up those four acres of fallen leaves and pine cones, where I always find joy hiding; time to get out the pick ax and bust up some earth where a few usable rocks might be tucked away; time to make my way back to the reason I moved to this island.  And while I was hoein’ and rakin’, I took to cogitatin’, and one thing became very clear:  I have missed sharing my small town tales with y’all.

And then, lo and behold, when I came in from moving debris from one end of the property to the other in the form of symmetrical piles, I found a message from one Jenny Ray Williamson in regard to a post I did way back in February of 2011 about my neighbor and rock star legend, Johnny Bulldog.JohnnyBulldog  Jenny Ray’s comment was to the point: “We need an update…LOL.”  People do a lot of LOL, ROFLMAO and offer their IMHOs, with an added BTW in the world of social media so I recognized Jenny Ray was not saying “We need an update…Little Old Lady.”  And that’s a good thing because I would have been inclined to offer up a “WTF, Jenny Ray?”

Of course, Jenny Ray’s curiosity (which, I might add, took nearly two years to rise to the top of her curiosity bucket list) sparked my own interest, so I went back and read the post on Johnny Bulldog.  As you know, if you’ve been reading along from the beginning, circa 2009, I have a tendency to make many sharp left turns within a single post, often leading the reader down some windy roads until I find my way back around to what led me there in the first place.   In the post entitled Johnny Bulldog, (for my readers who do not understand hyperlinks, if you rest your cursor on the underlined Johnny Bulldog and click, you will be taken to the post Jenny Ray found to be utterly brilliant. (Work with me, Jenny Ray).) In that post I not only mentioned Johnny Bulldog, his bright blue tractor, and his kindness, but covered a downed tree, eye floaters, eye exams, the old optometrist with a tremor, questioned the use of historical Roman references on the eye chart, commented on my new specs, strokes, enlightenment.  Like I said, there are a lot of sharp left turns.

So now I find myself, the smell of baked apples filling the house, the sun moving farther to the west, and I realize I have no idea what Jenny Ray means when she says “We need an update…LOL.”  I get the LOL, but does Jenny Ray want an update on Johnny Bulldog and his whereabouts? (Read: stalker.)  Or is she looking to find out if perhaps my eye floaters turned into pontoons, and now there’s a Capuchin monkey typing my posts for me? Capuchin_Monkeys_Briceno_Columbia  I tried working with one when I sprained my ankle walking down Highway 20, and the thought of ever having to deal with another Capuchin messing with my keyboard, and baring her teeth because auto spell keeps referring to her as a cappuccino isn’t worth the trouble.  Not to mention she ingested all my pain meds.

When I was struck with the flu a couple of years back, I went the other route and hired a Japanese Macaquejapanese-macaques-picturesI should have gone with my gut after I saw his photo taking a schvitz in a hot spring, and looking way too Zen for this line of work, but I’m a sucker for the Om.

If I have any say in the matter, and I think I should since it’s my eyesight we’re talking about, I’ll pay extra to have a Silverback as my assistant.  Granted, they’re not the best typists, but they’re great spellers.  Take Todd for instance.silverback  He wrote my blog for me after my trip to the ER back in 2011 and did a great job.  Unfortunately, Todd was only temping until his acting career took off.  As you can see by his head shot, he’ll be walking the Red Carpet in no time.

Oh, but I see I took another sharp left turn

So, Jenny Ray Williamson, the ball is in your court.  What kind of update are you looking for?  If it’s what Johnny Bulldog is up to, well, a sighting of the man himself is about as rare as the sighting of the great white wolf — unless he wants to be seen.  However, I heard one of them howling at the full moon last night.

I hope all is well in your world.  I’m going to do my best to keep you up to date on the happenings here in Coupeville in 2013.


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